Since 1866 Stone Derrickmen & Riggers Iron Workers Local 197 has been an integral part in building the skyline of the New York City and surrounding areas.  From landmarks such as the Brooklyn Bridge to the World Trade Center memorial you can find our members performing various skills.

Our roots date back to the Knights of Labor which is prior to the first organized union being formed.

The Local 197 member primary works on natural stone and precast stone installation on:

  • sitework,
  • buildings,
  • bridges,
  • viaducts,
  • schools,
  • parks,
  • and other structures.

Local 197 is also the premier Rigging Union in New York City.  We certify all of our members as professional riggers.

All our members complete a 3-year New York State Certified Apprenticeship.  This involves extensive hours both in the field as well as in the classroom.  In addition, all Journeymen members are able to expand their skills with upgrade classes/certifications through the JATC.